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Moving Tips      
Whether you are planning to move during the summer, winter holidays or at the end of the month, be sure to contact a mover far in advance since these are the busiest times.
 Notify the Post Office that you will be moving. Provide them with a forwarding address, temporary or permanent.
 Pack heavy items in small boxes and light items in large boxes.
 Protect mirrors and other glass with bubble wrap and protective glass tape.
 Label all boxes clearly with contents and room assignments (i.e. Dishes/Kitchen).
 Mark breakable items "Fragile." · Seal cartons with packing tape, not masking tape.
 Wrap dishes separately. Pack glassware in a carton designed for that purpose.
 Pack plates on their edges, not flat.
 Have appliances disconnected before the movers arrive.
 Gas appliances need to be serviced and disconnected by your local gas utility.

Use wardrobe boxes when moving clothing.

Drain gasoline from equipment and dispose of chemicals, aerosol cans, etc. to guard against damage that could be caused by combustion or leakage.
Pack all boxed tape and seal so they are stacked easier
Do not pack items such as cash, securities, deeds/wills or jewelry.

Carry irreplaceable and expensive items with you.
Make sure to keep the following items with you:
Prescriptions Paperwork and keys for new home
Extra Clothing Toiletries First Aid kit Tool kit Can opener Paper plates,
cups & silverware Toys/Games for kids Flashlight/batteries.
 We hope our tips will guide you in your next move



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